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A 20 min deep dive, a 10 min tune up, or a 5 min quickie.

Get exactly what you need, when you need it.



Hi, I’m Linda Emslie and I’m a Healer based in Darwin, Australia. Before I became a Healer, I worked in a demanding job, bringing up 4 young children. I felt like I was always on the go, meeting everyone else’s needs and never seemed to have any time for me or the things I wanted to do.

Meditation was always on my self-care “To Do” list, but I could never find the time to do it regularly. That was over 20 years ago. In the intervening time I discovered I could meditate. I found what worked for me, and as my practice improved, finding time to improve my practice became easier. Now have a daily practice that I cherish.

I want to make it easy for you to develop this practice too – and I get it. When people say I don’t have time to meditate – I get it. I also understand that there is usually a deeper story going on here. That’s why I am presenting the BlissBomb in this format, and sharing it with you now. So that you can access the benefits of meditation in a format that is fast, easy and convenient.

What qualifies me to bring this meditation to you?

  • I am a Reiki Master and have been using guided meditations in my healing practice, teaching, workshops and meditation circles for the last 10 years.
  • For the last 3 years I have been leading free meditations live on Facebook.
  • I facilitate live meditations circles in my home town.

Things you WON'T have to do if you subscribe to the BlissBomb:

Waste precious meditation time trying to find the “right” meditation.
Create massive YouTube or Spotify lists.
Download third party apps to access the meditations.
Miss out because you can no longer attend a meditation circle.
Store files on your device or external hard drive.

Things you WILL have to do if you subscribe to the BlissBomb:

Meditate whenever it is convenient for you.
Choose the track you want and listen to it via your device’s native audio app.
Honour your commitment to yourself to develop a regular meditation practice.
Receive healing each time you meditate.
Enjoy a quick top up at work, study or any time.
Be inspired and renewed each month with a fresh meditation.
Remove the procrastination factor because your meditation is right there when you need it.


Over six months your BlissBomb subscription delivers
focussed healing visualisations
and deep spiritual connection at your convenience.


Receive a fresh, channeled meditation every month, to direct your healing intent
or to receive higher wisdom, for you to download and use whenever the time is right for you.

Plus, my Getting Started with Guided Meditation, self-paced course

to set you up for success in establishing your meditation practice.


Provided to you in 3 formats:

5 min “quickie”

10 min tune in

20 min deep dive


You are billed month by month and if it’s not for you, unsubscribe at any time.


These guided meditations are co-created with Spirit in a sacred space, charged with healing Reiki energy, and take you on either:

  • An inner journey of healing and connection with your own body, or
  • An exploration of your inner landscape to receive guidance from higher wisdom.

Mother’s Day BlissBomb

6 months access for $85 AUD, includes:


A total of $59.94 AUD — covered in your Mother’s day access.


Getting Started with Guided Meditation self-paced course

This quick, easy, self-guided mini course will help you lay good foundations for your new meditation habit. Normally $29.99 — covered in your Mother’s Day access.

By the end of this course you will have

🙏 claimed your meditation space

🙏 scheduled your meditation appointments

🙏 practised some journey meditation techniques

🙏 practical tools to support your practice

🙏 confidence that your technique is spot on!


Your Mother’s Day BlissBomb

provides powerful healing meditations in exactly the right format for you


sets you up for success in developing the meditation practice you deserve


There are free meditations available online. Why pay for yours?
Yes, that’s true. You can sort through hundreds of hours of meditations online. Or you can have a new, powerful healing meditation, freshly channeled for you available in 3 different time formats, ready for easy access.
I haven’t been able to meditate regularly the last few times I’ve tried. What’s going to change?
Meditation is a powerful habit that takes practice. Take charge of your practice by starting small — use the 5 min quickie first. Once you’ve mastered this achievable goal, challenge yourself with the 10 min tune in. Break this down into achievable steps and reward yourself with progress. As your practice improves, your meditation “muscle” becomes stronger and you’ll be reaping the benefits of a 20 min deep dive in no time.
What if I don’t like your voice?
This is something I personally am very sensitive to, so I understand how important it is. I’ve been told that I have a great voice for meditation — soothing and calming. Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a sample for you to hear right now.

What if I don’t like the type of guided meditations you do?

Guided meditation is a wonderful starting point for developing your meditation practice. But it isn’t for everyone. So, if you find that you’re not into the types of meditation I do, it’s ok. You can unsubscribe at any time, and we part as friends.

Do I have to download any other apps or programs to listen to the meditations?

No, there is no need to download any apps. Your meditations are provided in both WAV and MP3 format so that they can be played by your devices native audio player.

What if I don’t remember to keep checking for updated meditations.
You won’t have to remember. An email will be sent to your inbox whenever a new meditation becomes available.
What if I have questions about the meditations or what I’m doing?
Great! I love receiving questions, comments and feedback from you. Please feel free to email me at any time at

Or connect with me on Facebook. 

I’ve never heard of you, how do I know these meditations are any good?
I’ve been channeling and facilitating guided meditation in my daily practice for 10 years. Added to that I regularly hold live meditation in my teaching and healing circles. I have also delivered guided meditation in corporate settings for Schools and Government Departments in my home town in Darwin. The feedback I receive from each of these avenues is this: people like my voice, and get a lot of benefit from the visualisations.
I’ve already got subscriptions to other services, and I still don’t meditate regularly
My question to you is why do you want to meditate? When you get really clear on why — on the reasons why a regular meditation practice is important to you, your resistance to getting started will melt away. You will find my mini course “Getting Started with Guided Meditation” a great help. Get in quick and grab this as free bonus for foundation members. Miss the deadline and this course will cost you $29.99 AUD.
I prefer going to meditation circles and being in the company of others when meditating
Group energy for meditation can be a wonderful thing to tap into. What happens to your practice if you can’t attend for a week or two? Does your progress get stymied.

Being able to build your practice in a way that enables you to support yourself is very powerful, and makes those occassions that you choose to attend a live meditation circle even more beneficial.

Having access to the BlissBomb ensures you have continuity — and that is a vital element to developing your meditation practice.


Your Mother’s Day BlissBomb

provides powerful healing meditations in exactly the right format for you


sets you up for success in developing the meditation practice you deserve

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